Koorliny Arts Centre

One of Perth's theatre gems, we produce vibrant, spectacular musicals & bring in shows to inspire, challenge, evoke and entertain audiences of all ages.. Koorliny Arts Centre has established itself as one of Western Australia's foremost community theatre venues, especially in the area of musical theatre. At the 41st Annual Finley Awards, our 2015 Performance Season took out 3 major awards from 21 nominations (see here) and we were awarded the Yvonne Hough-Neilson Memorial Award. The 2016 Performance Season is proudly presented by Koorliny Arts Centre and Kwinana Industries Council. Koorliny Arts Centre has three theatres - a 1000-seat amphitheatre, a 230-seat proscenium arch theatre which doubles as a cinema, and a 72-seat black-box theatre, as well as a dance studio, a number of multi-purpose studios and a courtyard, all of which make it ideal for business functions, product releases, conferences and training programs. Please visit our website, or contact the centre on (08) 9467 7118 or admin@koorliny.com.au for more information.

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@PerformerProbs1 May 11, 02:55

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 11, 02:41

Make your mornings more manageable with these steps: https://t.co/P8UNlvIupp via Performer Focus. #wellbeing #HealthyLiving

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 11, 02:38

Short film helps kids deal with emotions: https://t.co/wJ3z6wh28x #justbreathe

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 11, 02:36

"if you don’t want to work your ass off, you have no business trying to write well" - @StephenKing via @writenote1 https://t.co/7FmR7E9EcA

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 10, 07:37

Jon's hard at #work #painting THE WITCHES set. We don't just sit around in here😉 #perthhttps://t.co/ZS25UdwKp0

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 10, 04:37

So, spending on arts and cultural heritage will decrease acc. to #Budget2017. Why are we not surprised?

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 10, 04:34

@CrMattWhitfield It's a great initiative.

@CrMattWhitfield May 10, 04:33

Just attended the launch of the Rockingham Volunteer Centre. If you are needing volunteers or want to volunteer, he… https://t.co/hB2tpWUTBs

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 10, 04:33

Set construction is exhausting!

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 10, 04:30

@louisejallan @T2TeaOfficial Speaking of tea, that sounds good about now.

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 10, 04:30

Sometimes I write from a deep sense of injustice, for myself, and for other people. Rashida Murphy #StoriesonStage. https://t.co/hRWtlJzJSU

@HeySaidRenee May 10, 04:28

10 stories from 10 Aussie authors "Love is in the air and it's about to blow into their lives"… https://t.co/JB3ZSsxvEe

@writenote1 May 10, 04:28

10 things Stephen King says to writers https://t.co/tvVqalNK9y https://t.co/2iTxRyNXP9

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 08, 06:57

Will The Witches get their comeuppance? #RoaldDahl #theatre #Whatson https://t.co/VlUWQ9k12c @weloveperth

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 08, 04:44

Looking forward to reading @writenote1's interview with Rashida Murphy this week - she asked lots of questions ahead of #StoriesonStage.

@Child_Of_Arts May 03, 08:36

Think bigger, dream bigger, move further!

@McConaughey May 03, 08:35

@idriselba I know this. Deal with it. #DarkTowerMovie https://t.co/NdDw4qtD0w

@lisaflevy May 03, 08:31

"The arts are a necessity." says Patrick Burns #IS317 Principal #ArtsJam2017 @centerforartsed https://t.co/v4y4w3SrOP

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 03, 08:31

@louisejallan At least yours are pretty colours.

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 03, 08:30

We're working on a lighting plan for The Witches. Thunderbolts and lightning?

@reallykazcooke May 03, 05:24

People buy newspapers for these stories, not for syndicated piffle. Fairfax is breaking hearts when it should be br… https://t.co/tJOHVG2gex

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 03, 05:23

@TheSassyRed @han_francisco We're shaking our heads over here.

@hey_1028 May 03, 04:45

"But mathematics is the sister, as well as the servant, of the arts and is touched by the same madness and genius."--by Marston Morse

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 03, 03:57

Does everyone who works in a #theatre have to be an actor or musician, or have a flair for #drama?

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 03, 03:53

Welcome to Kwinana Industries Council's latest iMen group. Fantastic to see mentors working with young people.

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 03, 03:13

If creativity is among the top five applied skills sought by business leaders, why do the #Arts keep getting shoved to the background?

@KoorlinyArtsWA May 03, 03:09

We might be knocked down but we won't stay down. The #Arts will prevail. #Fairfax