Koorliny Arts Centre

One of Perth's theatre gems, we produce vibrant, spectacular musicals & bring in shows to inspire, challenge, evoke and entertain audiences of all ages.. Koorliny Arts Centre has established itself as one of Western Australia's foremost community theatre venues, especially in the area of musical theatre. At the 41st Annual Finley Awards, our 2015 Performance Season took out 3 major awards from 21 nominations (see here) and we were awarded the Yvonne Hough-Neilson Memorial Award. The 2016 Performance Season is proudly presented by Koorliny Arts Centre and Kwinana Industries Council. Koorliny Arts Centre has three theatres - a 1000-seat amphitheatre, a 230-seat proscenium arch theatre which doubles as a cinema, and a 72-seat black-box theatre, as well as a dance studio, a number of multi-purpose studios and a courtyard, all of which make it ideal for business functions, product releases, conferences and training programs. Please visit our website, or contact the centre on (08) 9467 7118 or admin@koorliny.com.au for more information.

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@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 24, 09:27

Has anyone seen this boy? #thewitches #Perth #reward https://t.co/xnmXSJR9zy

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 24, 06:28

When you make plans to go to a show, do you:

@writenote1 Apr 24, 06:27

As a #writer, are you:

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 09:42

HYDE, Ruthless auditions, The Witches - https://t.co/J5TNKzTXfM

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 08:42

These were left at the Box Office. Would you eat this? Should we do a #chilli #challenge?… https://t.co/D1FFpp3AZd

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 07:44

What does a REAL witch look like? Think you know? https://t.co/DhRxtvUvTH #RoaldDahl #TheWitches

@writenote1 Apr 19, 06:36

"Writing seems lonely for me. I remember going on long walks and writing in my head. I found I could walk for... https://t.co/Z5zwk7xiPJ

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 06:36

Q&A with #actor & #writer David Davies via @writenote1 https://t.co/ui0D1ka6MJ

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 05:30

Rashida Murphy is coming to #StoriesonStage on May 24 - we're excited! https://t.co/aqjWbvFDts

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 05:29

2017 Comedy Festival Roadshow - Koorliny Arts Centre https://t.co/Yxa4zLgbN0

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 05:29

If you're a #writer, take note! https://t.co/9d3WtuQ3xF

@writenote1 Apr 19, 05:28

You don’t DO creative, you BE creative https://t.co/YxXKbxMeLr

@angeelseries Apr 19, 05:28

HOW DO I BETTER REPRESENT MINORITIES IN FICTION?https://t.co/nu2P0Vjo6r Thanks @writenote1 for your support <3

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 05:28

Self doubt is worth shaking off! https://t.co/mOEmyegvKZ

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 05:27

Nothing to do this weekend in #Perth? We've got you sorted. Hyde-the final statement of Dr Jekyll is here for two s… https://t.co/aluYueEEON

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 05:26

One more weekend for this show - one for families! https://t.co/CGYMwdO7gh

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 19, 05:25

Gotta love a good promo video https://t.co/j7xcFMlpqw David Davies' Hyde-The final statement of Dr Jekyll is on this weekend in #Perth.

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 18, 09:32

Don't miss out on HYDE - The Final Statement of Dr Jekyll this weekend. Limited seats left!… https://t.co/uzSac5rGef

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 11, 03:03

These are on the "shared" part of the office space but were in an unlabelled ziplock bag. What… https://t.co/44FBOTOOYl

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 10, 11:53

5 Things to do at Koorliny Arts Centre in May and June. #theatre #arts #fun #entertainment #Perth https://t.co/Ud3w1H3hSP

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 05, 10:05

Think you could spot a #witch? https://t.co/n0aU9buwZV #RoaldDahl #theatre

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 05, 08:27

Are you a Jekyll or Hyde fan? https://t.co/gVDuLRoag9

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 04, 08:18

Movies and Musicals trivia quiz night for ICW Productions. Lots of fun, $20pp. May 6 a@ 7pm, at Manning Community Hall #Perth

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 04, 07:24

Hanging around in the costume room. #theatre #arts #costume #style #fashion https://t.co/30AqcxttP1

@writenote1 Apr 04, 05:24

How @jk_rowling gave me a kick up the butt today. #writerslife https://t.co/IFbocjCuCe #animoto

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 03, 10:21

What do little boys and mice have in common? #TheWitches https://t.co/DuvclxWs96

@KoorlinyArtsWA Apr 03, 10:18

We hope these guys are funnier than our #mumjokes. We'll find out when @micomfestival lands at @KoorlinyArtsWA June… https://t.co/vADtMP7wqI

@writenote1 Apr 03, 10:14

Thanks @normanjorgensen for being a terrific #storiesonstage #author. Another great event at @koorlinyartswa for... https://t.co/CpLluSJMUK

@Weekend_Courier Apr 03, 10:14

David Davies brings his one-man version of Jekyll and Hyde to @KoorlinyArtsWA https://t.co/T9UHZuytHF

@Mad_Dog_Mutley Apr 03, 10:14

Once Upon a Mattress working with talented youth Shows will be 7pm April 7, 8, 14, 15 & 21 April 8, 15 and 22 @ 1pm… https://t.co/CriePUy5Wr